Get Leads and Win Customers with B2B Minisites

Your website is designed for a lot of potential users. Existing customers use it to get support. Job Seekers will check out your careers page. Web Searchers are trying to solve a specific problem. Prospects are trying to understand if they have found a trust-worthy company. Investors, from VC to the public, are more interested in your results than your offerings.

Any one of these audiences can go around your site trying to find what they need by piecing it together. But, by trying to serve all of these audiences, there might be an important one that can’t get what they need.

Minisites let you pick one idea and build a site dedicated to just that. This way, the intended audience can find it, get value from it, gain trust in it, and be persuaded to engage with the company further. It doesn’t replace your website, but instead acts a conduit to it.


Learn more by downloading:
Attract Visitors, Get Leads, and Win Customers with a B2B Minisite

You’ll also learn

  • Why minisites have better SEO
  • Typical types of minisites
  • Alternative ways to get the same effect with less work
  • How to know if a minisite will work in your case

The e-book comes with worksheets and exercises to help make sure you develop a plan that will work for you. If you need help with it, schedule a chat with me.