Before you read on, do me this favor. Take out a piece of paper and a pen. Take a minute and just write down the answer to these two questions.

What progress are you trying to make with your business?

What would it mean to you to be successful in making that progress?

You are probably here because you're looking for a technology partner, and if so, I am sure that we can add value to your business together. But, whoever you decide to go with, take the answers to those questions with you and make sure that they drive the project.

As you get past each milestone ask yourself if you've made the progress you set out to do and how you know for sure.

Business Needs First, Technology Second

How many times have you worked with a software developer that didn't seem to understand your business? Are you struggling to make the connection between the problems you're having and the solutions being offered?

You aren't alone.

You wanted productivity, not a workflow system. You need customers, not a lead-generation website. You're trying to reduce turnover risk, not just install a wiki. It's no use deploying software without a plan for adoption. Your website does you no good if it can't convert visitors to customers.


We all know about the high-profile software projects that fail, wasting billions of dollars. But, the fact is, most software projects actually do ship—IEEE estimates the total abandonment rate at just 15% for large projects. But that's not the whole story. Ending a bad project quickly is actually a good thing. If you can fail fast and cheap, you'll find the right answer eventually. The worst case is taking a bad project too far.

Raise the Bar on Success

I started Greenwave Solutions to raise the bar on software project success. It's not enough to ship. Your project needs to deliver value to your business as fast as possible and on an on-going basis. I completely understand that, and it will be my only concern.

Whether you are just getting started, need to right a troubled project, or anything in-between, I'm ready to step in and help. Schedule a 30-minute chat right now.